I have no knowledge on karate

I have no knowledge on karate, i would like to know

What kind of equipment is needed to learn karate?

New students only need dogi, then fist gloves, shin pads, chest armor, helmets and mouthguards according to personal progress.

I’ve heard of Sport, Kyokushin and Traditional Karate. What kind of karate does JTK teach?

In the competition, Sports Karate controls the attack on fragile parts (such as the head). The practice of the Kyokushin Karate is based on actual combat, their competition does not require the wear of any helmet or armor, and encourages strikes on the body direct and hard. The traditional karate uses helmet and armor in competitions.

JTK adopts and embraces Sports Karate. The rules of which are established by the World Karate Federation (WKF). At the same time, for the sake of safety reasons, JTK does not require students to learn chopping boards or bricks.

The World Karate Federation (WKF) ruled Sports Karate is the mainstream of the world today.

What are the rules of WKF Kumite?

We encourage you all to go to this website to watch the videos introducing WKF Karate.

What are kyu and dan?

The kyu and dan are a ranking system indicating the level of one’s ability. Kyu consist of 10 grades from white to usually brown. Dan are rankings starting from black that can go all the way up to 10th Dan.

I am in my twenties, is it too late to learn karate?

Practising karate promotes physical fitness, which also develops your potential and builds confidence. There have been students of age 50 or more to join us. For instance, Shihan Annice, the JTK Founder, began practising karate at the age of 23.

Do I just promote one grade in each given exam?

Normally, it is level-by-level but also allows for skipping due to personal progress, attendance and performance.

How long will it take from white to black belt?

It depends. It will be based on personal progress, attendance and performance, generally not more than three y

I heard that learning karate is easy to get hurt.

Engaging in any kind of sports presents the opportunity to get injured, including football, basketball, karate is no exception.

Preventing injuries mainly comes from three aspects.

1) Facilities.

Most of our dojos are equipped with professional pads to prevent hurting from break falls.

2) Safety in Training

If you have a good warm-up exercise, it will not strain the muscle ligaments. In the kumite session, students are required to wear full body protective equipment. At the same time, due to the rules, trainees should control the attacks on important parts (head, joints and belts below), and the coach will be provide extra care and guidance when teaching.

3) Professional Teaching methods.

The teaching methods of this club are scientific and rigorous. They have been tested for many years without any serious injury accident.

What is the difference between Karate and Taekwondo, which one is better?

So may i ask which is better, basketball and football? The rules of the sports are different.
Taekwondo is predominantly kicking, and karate is a combination of punch and kick. In the latest WKF competition, nagi has also been added to make karate more comprehensive.

Can I not wear dogi in class?

JTK only hold regular karate classes, requiring all students to wear a traditional karate dogi.

I have previously trained at other karate clubs, can I wear my own clothes to train? Will you recognize my current grade?

Please bring us your dogi to give us a look, it is fine if there is no obvious difference.

In order to respect the masters who trained you before, if you can present a valid certificate, after a simple assessment, your previous grade is recognized. (Except for Black Belt)

Can I go to other dojo for training in addition to my dojo?

With the permission of the Shihan Annice, you can join the training of other JTK dojos for free.

Under what circumstances is there tuition fee subsidy?

JTK has its obligation to promote karate, if you have appled for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance, JTK will provide tuition subsidy. Please contact us on 3582-9560.


My Children

some questions about Karate for my children

My son is four years old, will it be too early to learn karate?

No. In fact, when children are three years old, they have started to enter kindergartens. This means that they have the ability to learn. Starting from the age of four, practising karate helps muscle coordination, which is a perfect time to start. The club has more than 10 years of teaching experience of four-year-old children. Today, many children under the age of four have become Black Belt trainees who have more than 20 years of karate experience in the club.

Would adults and kids train together in the same class?

Part of the dojos would have this situation, for the sake of communication training.

My children will be going through school exam soon. Should he/she stop practicing karate for a period of time to concentrate on examination?

The Karate Class is a stress-relieving activity for children and presents an opportunity for those with a heavy academic load to refresh themselves. In the past, there was also a top student (HKCEE 29 points) who took time to relax and exercise regularly every week.


There is also a case in which a trainee suspended two years of his karate class to prepare to promote primary school. Upon returning from resumption of classes two years later, his counterpart had achieved the black belt and was the champion of the Karatedo Youth Game.